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Dentists were recently asked two questions about the relationship between their hygienists and internal marketing (referrals).

1). Do you think Oral Hygiene Instruction helps in gaining the confidence and transmitting respect towards the patient?

Dr. Yudi Sugiono:  “Yes. Esp when a hygiene is working on the patient, they are able to stress the fine points of OHI if it’s not over done.”

Dr. Abel Lorado:  "I think oral hygiene instruction is one of the most important jobs the hygienist does for my patients...Praise them for what they do right and help them with what they do wrong--and if they refuse to do what you tell them, give them a big smile! They represent future treatment!

2). If done wrong, can it repel a patient, costing you referrals?

Dr. Sugiono:  “Definitely. Our hygiene department is our strongest department in referring patients.  Hygiene is our #1 source of patients coming back and patients referring patients.”

Results confirm this aspect of dental care has a profound impact on patient referrals and office growth, profit and success.