About Lynelle

I was raised in a dental family and began working for my father, a dentist in southern California, at the tender age of 12. After a couple of years, he decided I should help generate revenue for the office so he sent me over to take the Dental Radiology course at Loma Linda University, California and get my license. At 16, my mother, a Registered Dental Assistant and RN, tutored me on course material for dental assisting licensure. I sat and passed that exam also, obtaining my RDA. At 18, my parents signed me up for coronal polishing training and certification allowing me to polish teeth, so by the time I graduated high school, I already had a career.

My goals were higher however, and I completed a Dental Hygiene course at Loma Linda University the summer of 1984, and was granted a B.S. degree and state license.

My passion and gift is for teaching. I want to help those I see as patients, understand what I know will be of greatest help to them. So I am diligent about education during the appointment time we have together. My goal is to distill and convey my college education in terms even an 8 year old can understand.

Soon after starting work, “You need to write a book” or “You need to make a video” was a daily request.  Sometimes two or three times a day. I wrote out my brushing pointers (now called the S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing™), the G.P.S. for flossing, and drew diagrams to send home with the client. The internet has changed my educational materials from pen and paper to video and text. My video-book will be coming out soon.  I’m quite excited. My experience in the field of dental hygiene since 1984 has honed my skill as an educator. When in the office, a simple visual aid of my lab coat sleeve and a fist, the client is guided through an easy anatomy lesson resulting in a greater understanding of the “why” behind the instructions given for follow up daily oral home care. The most common comment after this coaching was, “How come I have been going to the dentist my whole life and no one’s ever told me this before?” Often scheduling does not permit us to spend the time explaining. Or perhaps you have been told before, but maybe it was rushed, or not in a way that “clicked.”  Or, the office was behind schedule.  Whatever the reason–I am here to share with you, how to Brush For Life because reaching just one person at a time in a dental office, limited to 8 or 10 per day was just not efficient. So, being urged by many patient requests to either write a book, film a video, or lately, create a website, this site is the fruition of those prodding’s. Here is where you have the opportunity to learn these same techniques & information, thereby improving your smile, breath, and overall general health. May You Brush—For Life!