Proven  64% more effective on the reduction of calculus than any non-magnetic oral irrigator.  (Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol. 25, No. 4, April 1998, pages 316-321).  If you get alot of tartar build up, or want a higher level of *clean,*  this is for you!   Click here for a video with more information.

Hydrofloss   $98

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1:1 MENTORING in the S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing™ & Flossing GPS


Schedule a private 30 minute session with Lynelle to personally lead you through each of the steps via skype.


BONUS #1:  The 2-trick bonus to make your "M" in your S.M.I.L.E System For Brushing™ most effective

BONUS #2:  Lynelle shows you the 5 Most Commonly Missed Areas and how to reach them

BONUS #3:  Toothbrush Test you can use to know when to change your brush

BONUS #4:  Your own PDF for review of the SMILE System For Brushing™ steps upon completion

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S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing™~  Is your confidence in your breath lacking? Want a better "report card" from the dentist? Have you tried brushing like they show you--but you're not getting better results?  Let me help you.  My very easy to follow 5 step instructions lead you from better to BEST brushing methods and from fair/good to GREAT results. Using a combination of video, photos and reading, you are shown how to get a cleaner mouth with longer lasting results, meaning fresher breath--for longer.

In a dental office, we have maybe 5 minutes to tutor you in oral health technique. If your cleaning costs $100, we (your dental hygienist or dentist) give you about $8.33 of coaching or information in that 5 minutes. But it's not enough help. There is so much more we want to tell you but don't have time. Insurance won't cover "oral hygiene instruction" because it's abused. So the barest of instruction is given, then we have to move on. But that is not fair to you. YOU are not getting the real and best preventative help you need. You want your cleanings to be easier, less painful, faster, and not leave you achy, and sore afterwards.  With 60 minutes of S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing™  information and instruction, set up in quick-access bubbles, you will be getting nearly four times the value for the price of your S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing™ as for the equal time in a dental office. You will learn a little anatomy, physiology, biology and chemistry. Nothing too deep, but very helpful in understanding what's happening in our bodies, and why there is so much tartar buildup -- and how to stop it. When we know better, we do better. And, we don't know what we don't know!

1 hour

You will discover:

  • How to successfully REDUCE tartar buildup--a leading cause of bad breath.
  • The 5 most commonly missed areas, why they are missed and how to access them. If you have gum disease, I bet it's in one of these areas...
  • How to move your brush so you don't brush away your gums. Recession = sensitive teeth.
  • What is the best manual toothbrush to get? and why? Are those gimmicky features worth paying for?
  • The ONE SECRET to getting superior results, with either a manual or electric brush
  • The #1 Top Recommended Electric Brush and review of the other popular electric brushes based on results observed since 1984.
  • A simple test to use to know when to change your brush--manual or electric.
  • Where to keep your toothbrush; what kind of toothpaste to use--and why.

S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing™   $37

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GPS for Flossing ~  Your fingers turn purple, you drool, the mirror gets all messed up--and I know you probably hate to floss. HOWEVER! In this tutorial, you will be pleasantly led through three easy steps that will help ensure a better result for your time invested. Much better!

Additionally, the questions you have in the floss aisle are answered (see below), as well as some you didn't know to ask.   Your tutorial is done in bubbles so you can quickly choose what you want to learn and in what order.

A great $ deal for so much information! Even the best videos on the internet lack key information that only a pro would know, having done it 30 years like I have.

45 mins

You will discover:

  • The 3 Rules of Flossing
  • What kind of floss to use and NOT to use and WHY.
  • What people USUALLY do and why to avoid it
  • Who the OVERACHIEVERS are and how to avoid their mistakes
  • Some of the “unique” methods of flossing–and WHY not to use them
  • When floss gets stuck, then what?
  • What you can use INSTEAD of floss if you really hate it that much

Flossing GPS   $27

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