S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing®

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If You're Worried About Your Breath

It's Probably WORSE  Than You Think!

Did you know 1 out of 3 workers are considered UNATTRACTIVE due to bad breath?

Whereas 2 of 3 actually DO have bad breath!

Is your confidence in your breath lacking?

I was in San Francisco, on the 22nd floor of the 450 Sutter Building, when I had my great "AH-HA!" moment. It was after lunch and I was brushing my teeth before seeing my first patient for the afternoon. I was mindlessly doing my thing, when I suddenly paid attention to what I was doing inside my upper teeth, and brought my toothbrush handle up under my nose--and wow! The difference--was impressive! I suddenly realized why patients had been consistently having bone loss in that spot. So I applied this key change in how I held my brush to the lower teeth, and BANG! I now knew why my right-handed patients were having bone loss there, too.  Bone loss means receding gums, which means sensitive teeth, bad odor and food trapping every time you eat. SO, I incorporated this step in my "home care instruction" thereafter.  I loved seeing the patients' eyes light up when they changed their hand position and could FEEL the difference! I want to do the same for you. I want to make your cleanings easier and your breath fresh for a longer time than the "band-aid effect" of most mouthwashes. And besides, they smell like medicine!  Ick!  So lets do it!

Let's work on it together.  

For half an hour, I will personally coach you through my very easy to follow 5 step S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing®. This is the BEST brushing method ever. And I guarantee you won't find this anywhere else--because I trademarked it. For the past 70 years, another method has been taught, which, while it is good--it's missing some key pointers...some important steps. In the dental office, we dental professionals may unconsciously recognize it, but it's part of that "unconscious competence" we may not realize we aren't telling you. 

So after about 5 years in practice, I realized I needed to "fill in the blanks." I drew diagrams, and copied them off to give to patients on half sheets of paper. Finally, in 2012, I gave this 5 step process of instruction a name.

S.M.I.L.E.  The current (and very old) method instructs on only two points of my SMILE System for Brushing®. This explains why 75% of the population still has gum disease. Research shows only approximately 25% of people shown the old Bass technique "catch on" and are able to implement it.

Using the technology of screen sharing and web-cams, I personally lead you through the actions of how

 you will get a cleaner mouth -- meaning fresher breath -- for longer.


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In a dental office, we have maybe 5 minutes to tutor you in oral health technique. If your cleaning costs $100, we (your dental hygienist or dentist) give you about $8.33 of coaching, or information, in that 5 minutes. But there is SO much more we want to tell you, but don't have time. So the barest of instruction is given, then we have to move on.

Additionally, dental offices don't charge for "oral hygiene instruction," and  insurance won't cover it because it was an abused (or improperly used) "treatment" a few years back.

Thirty minutes spent on your instruction and education won't pay the light bill for the dental office, but that is not fair to you. YOU are not getting the real and best preventative education and instruction you need.

What you learn from me is MORE than just "how to brush."  

WAaaaaaaay more!  

I brief you on a bit of anatomy, physiology, and chemistry so that you know, basically, what I know, and are thereafter motivated and able to apply it.

You want your cleanings to be easier, less painful, faster,

and not leave you achy, and sore afterwards.

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I'll cover a lot, so fasten your seat belt because I am going to talk fast and pour into you as much info as I can-- without overloading you--and show you all the tricks up my sleeve to make your breath fresher and teeth stay cleaner between professional cleanings.

But there's more subtle reasons for you to do this...

90% of systemic diseases manifest in the mouth.  

Gum disease has been found to be associated with over two dozen other diseases and problems, including: diabetes, stroke, heart disease, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, pneumonia, impotence, infertility and many others.  That one small area of your mouth, can cause an inflammation to occur in your entire body, if gum disease is present.

And in 3 out of 4 people over the age of 34, there is.

In several studies I have read, it's the "chicken and the egg" problem.

live chicken bird redhead looks at three eggs isolated on whiteThey aren't sure which came first--the gum disease or the cancer/diabetes/heart disease, etc, etc. But the connection is clear. The bacteria in the mouth--are specific to the mouth. Meaning, they should ONLY be found in the mouth. But in these other diseases, infertility, for example, they are showing up in the testes. And guess what! In that study, the fertility went to nearly 100% after a good and through cleaning in those men. But do they know how to keep their teeth clean...?

So for the best interest of your GENERAL health, get this training scheduled today

        ~~~~~~~~       BONUS ! ! !           ~~~~~~~  


You will learn the 3 Rules of Flossing which covers the three most common mistakes people make when flossing, rendering their efforts ineffective and nearly useless.

With 60 minutes of S.M.I.L.E. System for Brushing® & The GPS for Flossing information and personal coaching instructionyou will be getting  12 times the value (12 x $8.33= $99.96) as that in a dental office.

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We will cover:

  • How to successfully REDUCE tartar buildup by +90%--a leading cause of bad breath
  • How to move your brush so you don't brush away your gums. (Gum recession = sensitive teeth and weaker teeth)
  • The ONE SECRET to getting superior results, with either a manual or electric brush
  • The #1 Top Recommended Electric Brush and review of the other popular electric brushes based on results observed since 1984
  • What is the best manual toothbrush to get? and why? Are those gimmicky features worth paying for?


BONUS #1:  The 2-trick bonus to make your "M" in your S.M.I.L.E System For Brushing™ most effective

BONUS #2:  You will be shown the 5 Most Commonly Missed Areas and how to reach them

BONUS #3:  Toothbrush Test you can use to know when to change your brush--manual or electric.

BONUS #4:  Your own PDF for review of the SMILE System For Brushing® steps upon completion

PriceTagBlue97blue guarantee

This special introductory price is temporary, then we are launching a campaign requiring a bit of investment, meaning the cost will go up.  Schedule your coaching call today!

How to have easier cleanings, fresher breath, and healthier gums.

  • Personal 1:1 instruction & coaching via Skype for 60 mins.
  • Vook is not included.
  • PDF with steps for review will be emailed after 1:1 training.
  • Money back guarantee.*


* Just obtain a copy of “Before and After” periodontal charting (dated at least 3 months apart) from your dentist, scan and email for full refund.

But in the 30 years I’ve been doing this, my patients in clinical practice have ALL been very happy with their results!! :-D