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Growth, Profit, Success

Lynelle Helps Dentists Who Want To Market Their Specialty

 of the Oral-Systemic Connection

Lynelle DeRoo, RDH BSc 

Contact Lynelle for:
  • Speaking
  • Consulting (Internal/External Marketing, Premium OHI Training)
  • Custom branded marketing funnel
  • Top Google Maps placement and SEO

What events can I hire Lynelle for?

* Association Conferences and Conventions * Breakout Sessions *  Lunch & Learns* 



RESEARCH shows what patients want in a dentist:

Recent studies shows patients’ #1 desire is to "feel respected and cared for." Lynelle provides you #1 secret of what to say in a formula for getting this right every time.

What do YOU want?
  • Improved INTERNAL marketing (Patients referring patients continually)
  • (Proven) ONLINE marketing (Be THE dentist locals find with internet search engines)
  • EXCLUSIVITY (a marketing company that serves only YOU in the area of SEO)
  • To SOLVE your “FEAST OR FAMINE” of office SCHEDULING (No more ebb and flow of revenue)
  • Increase the SELLABLE VALUE of your practice (so you can RETIRE)

You can successfully accomplish BOTH what the patient wants and what you want--quickly, easily and affordably.

We help you disseminate the importance of whole body health through online marketing, using the power of Google and Social Media (External Marketing).

Pairing this with Lynelle's Intra-Office Strategic Work Sessions, you will learn how to provide excellent standardized patient care with the tools she provides. (Internal Marketing)

 New and existing patients will leave feeling respected and that your office has a “We Care About You” attitude.

Proven to increase treatment acceptance and instructional compliance for over 30 years.  Lynelle helps you to have increased Growth, Profit and Success--The GPS of Dental Marketing.

Lynelle is a member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health,

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and

National Association of Professional Women.



Dentists & Support Staff

“The 3 Strategic Keys Smart Practices Use for Gaining New Patients"

How to Bring Them to YOUR Office, Get Them to Write Great Reviews and Refer Like Crazy”

  • How to Use the Internet Effectively for External Marketing & 
  • How to Easily Upgrade Your Internal Marketing to Bring You Growth, Profit and Success

(Keynote or Breakout Session  60-90 minutes)

For dental audiences who want to grow, profit and succeed at digital marketing to advance their Oral Systemic Dental practice:

Statistics show savvy patients shop online first--looking at reviews. The best reviews rave about how much “the Dr and his staff truly cared" and the benefit they received from education. Bottom line: They felt respected. Learn how to make this happen in your office now to grow your practice by leaps and bounds.

You will learn:


  • How to use Google to your advantage- 97% of people search online for local business. You need to be there when they are searching for a local dentist.
  • The BEST way to position your office online to stand out and be found, both now, and as the awareness of the Oral Systemic connection increases. 
  • How to get great reviews on Google for the premium care you provide.


Part of the equation for a successful patient experience is that they learn something. The automatic response to a great “Ah-ha” moment is to share it. Great referrals bring new patients. The best patients are referrals, not “shoppers.”

  • How to easily empower the OS knowledge of your staff without them sitting through long classes of continuing education. (Hint: it's a gift from Lynelle)
  • The Two Strategic KEYS to having patients know, like and trust you--and getting them to (accept treatment and) refer their friends and family.

In all of her keynotes, Lynelle offers smart, innovative strategies that provide her audience with topnotch “take-away’s” they can use in daily clinical practice. Book Lynelle to speak today at 570.543.2584 [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (570) 543-2584


Loose the "Lecture," Communicate to Coach

(60 minutes)

"I don't want a lecture!" Has a patient ever sat down in your chair and before you can even introduce yourself, made this announcement?  Why would they say that?  Because they usually DO get a lecture!   Learn how to convey the respect your patient is looking for--and reduce no-shows & cancellations, increase periodontal services and sell more dentistry.

You will learn:

  • The #1 Key Question needed to deliver the respect and "care" patients want 
  • How to build credibility and acceptance of treatment
  • 7 tips on how to deliver a prophylaxis with less discomfort during and after (besides anesthetic), and less scaling 


  • Better patient retention (because of happy patients)
  • Happy patients who come on time for recall prophy's/perio maintenance
  • Happy patients who don't cancel or fail because they *dread* the experience
  • Happy patients who refer family, neighbors, coworkers and friends
  • A BETTER BOTTOM LINE: Increased revenue from hygiene and treatment acceptance

In all of her keynotes, Lynelle offers smart, innovative strategies that provide her audience with topnotch “take-away’s” they can use in daily clinical practice. Book Lynelle to speak today at 570.543.2584 [email protected]

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