If it is possible, having Lynelle as a hygienist was both educational and enjoyable. 
She gave me 3 dimensional examples of how a tooth is structured and how the parts of the gums and teeth work together. The result of this teaching, I understand *why* I am to floss a certain way, brush a certain way, etc.
Overall, it was a very positive experience. Much like an ‘E-ticket ride’ at Disneyland.

Larry Ramos

Lynelle explained the way (to) brush in the most understanding way. Lynelle gave me the desire to really work hard.

John Gockman

Lynelle has done a great job of educating me on the brushing and flossing techniques to control the expansion of pockets in between my gums and teeth. Continued perseverance in verifying that I am using the correct technique has helped me see an improvement in the condition of my teeth.

Larry Zing