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Key Point is to knock down the bacterial count. 

  1. Eat breakfast so empty stomach smell doesn't affect breath--then clean your teeth/mouth 

  2. Use tongue scraper in the morning after waking and before brushing teeth 

  3. Brush  without toothpaste Rinse out brush well. 

  4. Floss

  5. Brush teeth and tongue with toothpaste

  6. Sweep brush across gums inside and out

  7. Sweep brush over inside of cheek

  8. ​​​​Swish with either mouthwash for 1 full minute

  9. Clean toothbrush with liquid soap and water. Tap hard on sink edge and let dry, or dip in diluted bleach water to sanitize. 
    ​​​​​​​*If you don't, you will be re-introducing lots of bacteria back into your mouth at your next brushing. Eeuuw.